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Marron D'Or body butter 3 oz

Marron D'Or body butter 3 oz

Our Marron D'Or Body Butter is a luxurious blend of Unrefined Bacuri Butter,Raw Cocoa Butter and Cold pressed Argan Oil,all organically sourced. This unique blend of butters and oil has been specially formulated to intensely moisturize your skin, reduce skin imperfections, and enhance the skin's natural color. The Bacuri butter exceptional properties, including its ability to stabilize elastin and collagen production, allied to the amazing Cocoa butter,well known,to fight dullness and stretch marks make this body butter an excellent choice for those seeking a beautiful, vibrant-looking,healthy and glowing skin.

This body butter is fast absorbing,very light with a top note reminiscent of chocolate(coming from the raw cocoa) and end with a subtle,yet powerful scent that as been described by our customer as "sexy". A hint of seduction in a jar of self care!

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