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Mistral Balm to milk Face Polish

Mistral Balm to milk Face Polish

Introducing our Mistral Microdermabrasion Face polish in a balm to milk formula. 100% Anhydrous(Water free) to give you a very gentle and yet powerful skin detox.


Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin,removing the thicker,uneven outer layer.This treat light scarring,discoloration,sun damage and strecth marks and it is typically performs by a Dermatologist. 


We wanted a home version of those benefits( even in this case,much lighter)in a gentle balm that can remove dead,dull and dry surface level skin while smoothing aging spots,diminishing fine lines and wrinkles,helping your skin to absorb actives quicker without leaving your skin any drier.


Mistral was created and works remarkably at bringing a new YOU

It is solid at room temperature ,melt immediately in the palms of your hands and leave a soft trail behind that is boost futher with our calming and brightening Mistral Face Mask 

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