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Mr Dandy After shave/Face Moisturizer

Mr Dandy After shave/Face Moisturizer

A dandy per definition is a man unduly devoted to style, neatness, fashion in dress and appearance. He is also caring, strong, determined to take care of his skin as a first step to his well being. Our Mister Dandy Collection represents all of above plus a touch of boldness that makes him truly a Dandy ! Mr Dandy After Shave/Face Moisturizer is the quintessence of that definition! meet the 3 main ingredients:


  • Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) are a genus of flowering plants in the family Hamamelidaceae,that have astringent properties . It is commonly used to help diaper rash in infants, and may reduce symptoms of inflammation from minor skin injuries, like after shaving, cuts. Its extracts contain antioxidant compounds that may help with sunburn and aging from the sun.


  • Mango Butter(Mangifera Indica) is a natural butter that is made from the kernel of the mango fruit. Rich in antioxidants, this butter is said to be an excellent topical application to help alleviate inflammation on the skin and neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the skin and are responsible for wrinkles,age spots and blemishes.It can also improve skin elasticity.
  • Colloidal Oat is made by grinding oat grain,or Avena Sativa,into a fine powder.It's considered an emollient,a substance that softens or soothes the skin,because of its fats,proteins,vitamins,minerals,and other nutrients shown to benefit the skin.

Light,non-greasy,fast absorbing,very moisturizing,this cream is pack with soothing and cooling ingredients to keep your face fresh and hydrated shaving day or regular day.

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