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Mrs Subleem Cold Pressed serum

Mrs Subleem Cold Pressed serum

Cold pressed is a method of processing or extracting without involving high heat levels, thus preserving all the nutrients,actives and qualities of each element in a formula. Introducing some of the main ingredients that made our Mrs Subleem cold pressed serum an absolutly product to have


Sea Bucthorn cold pressed oil is produced from the pulp and seeds of the sea buckthorn berries,containing up to 10% of vegetable fat and some fatty acids like palmitoleic acid or omega 7 and gamma-linoleic acid or omega 6. Those compounds improve the skin moisturization,maintain a healthy skin barrier and decreases transepermidal water loss,in addition,Sea Bucthorn is a great antioxidant full of vitamins A,C,E  and carotenoids,that may even out the skin tone,fight skin aging and soothe irritated skin.


Kojic Acid is an organic compound derivative of 4-pyrone,an unsaturated cyclic chemical compound,which function in nature as a chelating agent produced by several species of fungi especially the one know in a Japanese common name as Koji.Kojic acid main function in cosmetics is to lighten the skin,making it effective at decreasing sun damage,age and dark spots.


Tranexamic acid is a synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine.It is  a brightening agent that helps reduce dark spots,hyperpigmentation and give the skin a luminous skin tone


The Mrs Subleem carry its name by sublimating the skin. Results can be seen as soon as 4 weeks after starting the serum. 

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