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O'oasis  body cream

O'oasis body cream

Quench the thirst of your dry, itchy and rugous skin with this intensive body moisturizer,that just might become your skin obsession.


Our O'oasis Intensive Moisturizing body cream will give you immediate relief when applied and will last all day long improving your skin hydration by its silky and smooth formula. Soothing,it will ease skin discomfort associate with dryness. It contains among others :


  • Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) is the alcohol analog of pantothenic acid. It is a great moisturizer and humectant. It is said to improve hydration, reduce itching and inflammation of the skin, improve skin elasticity, and accelerates wounds healing. Panthenol decreases transepidermal water loss (water that evaporates through the skin) resulting in a more supple feel and appearance.


  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein increases moisture retention, creates a more hydrated and elastic surface. It's an excellent anti-irritant and leaves a smooth, dry feel on the skin. The one we use in this formula is extracted from sustainable, non-GMO rice bran


  • Helichrysum Oil comes from the Helichrysum Italicum plant,which is found in the Mediterranean and southern Europe,mostly.The oil can be found in all green parts of the plant,including the stems and the leaves.Helichrysum has been used since the civilization of Ancient Greece,where it was commonly used after battles.The name is derived from the Greek word Helios,meaning sun and Chrysos meaning gold.The plant golden yellow hue last long after it has been picked and dried,which gave it the names *Immortelle or *Everlasting.It is a powerful skin detoxifier and skin emollient that promotes cell turnover,slow down transpermidal water loss and loss of collagen,resulting in a more younger,more hydrated skin as well as a more healthier skin complexion.


Our O'oasis body cream  provides,calmness,instantaneous dry skin relief and all day long skin hydration. An extreme skin comfort experience all by itself ! 

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