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Raw Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

Raw Oil-Free Face Moisturizer

It is here! Our most requested item.An oil and fragrance-free moisturizer that might remind you of a warm cup of tea in a middle of a winter night. Light,hydrating,moisturizing, name it ! ''Raw'' delightful sensation for a more clear,soft and bouncy face.It contains between others:


Mulberry extract : Traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medecine for centuries,Morus Nigra Leaf extract(Mulberry extract) is an extract of the dried leaves of the black mulberry,Morus Nigra L.,Moraceae.Its inhibits melanin production,condition and whiten the skin.


Olive Squalane is a light and stable form of Olive squalene,it has been hydrogenated to make it non-oxidative.Great emollient,it is easily absorbed by human skin and penetrates it quickly to enhance elasticity and boosts the skin water-retention.

Mornings or nights,this lovely,time-stop,light moisturizer will be no doubts a keeper !

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