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Ultime body scrub

Ultime body scrub

A Coffee lover could be called a coffee aficionado,coffeeholic, coffee addict or a Javaphile,we are all that and the strong,black and warm beverage,this body scrub will simply awaken your skin...


The main constituents of coffee are caffeine(2-3 %),tannins(3-5 %),proteins(13%)and fixed oils(10-15%).The caffeine present in coffee as a salt  of chlorogenic acids (CGA) , exhibits powerful antioxidants properties such as anti-lipogenesis, that reduces cellulite,promotes blood circulation and boost collagen production.Caffeine is also a source of serine,that works as another powerful antioxidant to rejuvenate and clarify the skin.In addition to its ground that are effective exfoliators


Lactic Acid is a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid(AHA) that exfoliates removes dead skin cells,lightens dark spots,and improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles on all skin types


The combination of those two ingredients in a non drying body scrub will leave your skin more glowing,stripped of dead skin cells and ready for the Ultime body butter,that complement this body scrub perfectly !

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