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Herbal Kabaflaw Soap bar

Herbal Kabaflaw Soap bar

Our Herbal Kabaflaw soap is the absolute soap to help soothe your skin from many inconveniences. It contains herbs and extracts that are dedicated for your skin well being consequently your well being. Some of the ingredients are:


  • Gotu Kola ( Centella Asiatica) is a herbaceous, perennial plant in the flowering plant family Apiaceae. It is native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia, Australia, and islands in the western Pacific Ocean. It is consumed as a culinary vegetable and is used in traditional medicine. It appears in Ayurvedic medicine, traditional African medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Some people use it to treat wounds such as burns or cuts. It contains a range of active substances, such as triterpenoids, flavonoids, and phenolic acids, which suggests that its has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


  • Benzoin is a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees in the genus Styrax. It is used in perfumes and some incenses and as a flavoring and medecine.It is disctinct from the chemical compound benzoin,which is ultimately derived chemically from benzoin resin.The resin,however,does not contain this compound.We use the resin in this formula.
  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe.Its offers antioxidant properties as well as being a great humectant and soothing agent.It is thought to be especially beneficial for dry skin types because of the mucopolysaccharides that it contains,which bind moisture into the skin.It also has cohesive effects by sticking together flaking epidermal skin cells,resulting in softer skin and improved skin integrity
  • Chamomile is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae.It is often used to help tame skin inflammation from sunburn and rashes.It contains the anti-oxidant apigenin,which aids in lowering inflammation by inhibiting the release of inflammation-causing chemicals.It can be used as a mild astringent,which causes body tissue to contract,and gently kills bacteria,speeds up cell regeneration,which can helps clear the skin.Excellent in soothing and alleviate inflammation,it's ideal for all skin types,especially sensitive and dry.


Allied to the herbal Kabaflaw body salve,our Herbal Kabaflaw soap bar will soothe and calms irritated and itchy skin.Get it today if you have been longing for real change in your skin well being.

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